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Funny Things to Ask Siri

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We hope you will enjoy this latest list of stupid questions to ask your Siri and you must give it a try. Siri is an app for Iphone and IPod where you can ask it everything and it will listen, give you advice, and tell you what to do.

I don’t have an iPhone, but few of my friends and wife do. So Siri seems like a really great App. I can do similar, less effectively, with Google on my Droid.

If you are bored and have an iPhone with Siri, ask her some of these weird things and funny questions.

Funny Siri Questions Without Responses:

What is the most popular place to waste my time, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?
Can you understand my American English in German accent?
Let’s make a boxing fight.
Why do we insist on texting and ringing people when we’re drunk?
Where do you get beautiful body cases for an iPhone free?
Show me your signature.
All the time I asked you reasonable questions now it’s your turn to ask a funny question.
Are you intelligent life on our planet earth?
What a touchdown is?
If you bang your head on a brick wall does it hurt?
How stupid can one person be in one lifetime?
Are some people actually born stupid or is it something that occurs over time.
What is the difference between a postpaid and prepaid fart?
Who can top up my phone with some credit?
Show me your belly button.
Do you have any sister?
Life is so short, if one day I leave, will you cry?
Who is dirtier, you or me?
Can you easily breathe inside this iPhone?
Which smarter iPhone or Galaxy?
If you could get rid of one day a week, what would it be and why?
Who is your boss?
Why do people love asking stupid questions on EBay?
Say something funny about Justin Bieber.
Tell me, lady Gaga is human or alien?
What is the color of orange?
How many times Chuck Norris beats you?
iPhone is a Smartphone, what about it smart kids and smart parents?
What is your Facebook id?
Do you like my breakfast photos on Instagram?
Dear Siri you and I are no longer friends you have taken me to 3 locations telling me there was a post office there and I have still yet to find a post office.
What is your most awkward moment in life?
Who is your teacher?
Can you sing a good morning or goodnight song for me today?
I need few funny speech topics, can you help me?
Who is the best Chicago SEO agency?
What is your opinion about big bang theory?
Where you come from?
Do you wear undergarments?
If I delete you don’t get mad and if I block you don’t get salty.
Can I text while driving?
What is your favorite cheating code for the stupid Siri application?
Name three colors of the same color.
Do you know Siri is my new girlfriend, to hell with you real women?
Do you ever take a bath?
Can you answer every question asked on Yahoo answers?
Who is worse? 1. The girl who has had 5 abortions 2.The girl who has 2 kids without being married 3.The men making the babies, and then denying?
Who is your favorite singer in One Direction?
What is the secret of your beautiful voice?
Do you like my name?
If you could create an app for me, what would it be?
Siri, where did my husband leave his wallet?
Who sing the worst Country song in your opinion?
Do you know of an app on how and where to dispose of a body?
Can you die for me?
I have never seen a woman that loves me in my life please love me.

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