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How to Promote a Local Business on Instagram

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These are some of the top brands in the world. If they can’t compete with the likes of an Insta-famous animal, what hope do the rest of us have?


Luckily for your local business, succeeding on Instagram is not just a simple matter of counting up followers; it’s about engagementThat’s what leads to conversion and sales.


The challenge is generating those followers and producing Instagram content worthy of their engagement and subsequent business.

This guide is full of 11 tips that you can use to successfully promote your local business on Instagram, generate engagement, and stimulate sales.

Participate, Participate, Participate, Participate

Instagram, like any social media platform, is a community.

Just as your business is a valuable part of your local community, you also want to showcase that you are a reputable and valuable member of the Instagram community as well.

Get Followers

This will help you earn followers eager to engage with your content.

Posting great images or videos is not enough!

To establish your reputation in the Instagram community, you want to follow influencers and other brands (even direct competitors) and join the conversations they’re starting and interact with the content they are producing.

You must spend engagement to make engagement!

Strengthen Your Instagram Community By Reposting Local Content

You can strengthen your businesses’ reputation on Instagram and your local community by routinely reposting content published by your local followers, other businesses in your area, and any local celebrities.

Not only will that individual feel great that their own content is being featured by your business, but other followers will take notice.

Shout Outs

They may mention your “shout out” on their Instagram page, which will help you reach their followers and even more people in your local community. Win, win!

When you share content created by real people, it makes your brand seem more approachable and humanized as a valuable contribution to the community.

Be Friendly

In other words, your company begins to feel like a friendly neighbor, rather than a business after sales.

This strategy is not only effective at creating a stronger reputation in the community, but it also saves you a lot of time creating original, unique content.

Just be sure to ask first and tag the user’s Instagram account.

Avoid Blanket Posting

While the tone and persona behind your posts need to remain consistent across different channels, too much similarity can be damaging.

You have to carefully navigate the space between remaining consistent and posting unique content that doesn’t feel blanketed across all channels.

Blanket posting is using the exact same message and content across different social media platforms.

The danger of blanket posting is that customers that follow you across multiple social media channels are going to see this exact same message multiple times.


Thus, it stops being engaging and starts being disruptive. Remember, everychannel is different and should be treated as such.


That said, there are times when blanket posting is acceptable, like when your business is hosting a local event or releasing new products; you want as many people to hear about this news/event/product(s) as possible.

However, you still want to be sure that you’re cross-promoting responsibly.

Responsible cross promoting isn’t just copy and pasting your efforts from one platform to the next, but using each channel appropriately to promote the same cause.


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