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Reasons You Should Hire a Ghostwriter to Write Your Content

Any C-level execs who say writing is a simple task are full of themselves.

Some writers may create drafts quicker than others, but most of the time when this happens the writing quality suffers.

And when quality suffers, so does the messaging.

What’s the point of creating content if people can’t relate, especially on an emotional level?

Company Message

And, more importantly, what does sloppy writing say about a company, or that “quick writing” leader’s thought process?

Getting thoughts down clearly in writing is difficult. When leaders struggle with the written word, it’s then up to the marketing or sales departments to translate a company’s messages to the public.


And the messages should come directly from the upper tier members.

So what’s the simplest solution when you don’t have a skilled writer on staff?

Hire a ghostwriter.

Not just any Joe Blow. You want a ghostwriter with experience.

Ghostwriters Save You Time

Ghostwriting is a huge time saver for C-level execs, especially those in bigger companies where tasks are multiplied drastically.

By delegating writing tasks that are a must for amplifying brand awareness, these executives can have a clear focus on where their focus should be rather than staring at a blank white screen.


Plus, many of my ghostwriting clients absolutely cringe when they have to write an email, never mind a 1,000-word piece for Forbes or the Huffington Post.

And if that 100-word email takes 20 minutes, imagine a full-length article that needs multiple rounds of edits for clarity?


You can never get time back; ghostwriters help leaders and those on a personal brand-building mission to have additional time to focus on other needed tasks.

Ghostwriters Are Professional Writers

Writing is a profession, though many companies fail to hire professional copywriters or editors.

You can have the best service or product within your industry, but if you can’t communicate the “Why” of that service or product, you won’t scale as you wish.

Plus, a fake is noticed immediately.

Great examples are the multiple promotional emails that everyone receives daily.

These emails are loaded with cliches and exclamation points at the end of every sentence – because they can’t clearly make their point, so they need to excite you!!!

Imagine if those emails were ghostwritten by professional writers from the voice of a leader, say the CEO or founder of said company.


The email’s message would carry much more energy, and click-throughs would likely be much higher.

Though everyone should educate themselves and write as much as possible to clearly communicate in things like internal emails and memos, let the true writing professionals do their jobs.

Most ghostwriters spend their entire working hours doing one thing and one thing only – writing.


Since it is their profession, the great ghostwriters can also enhance the voice of any company leader or person developing enhanced brand awareness.

If the ghostwriter was trained correctly, it wouldn’t matter if leaders like Howard Schultz or Elon Musk actually did the writing – their messages are all that’s needed.

Ghostwritten Content Is Authentic Content

Most people think a ghostwriter diminishes authenticity. This can happen if someone (or a company) changes ghostwriters often; their voice diminishes quickly.

If these people/companies have built a fanbase, that fanbase will immediately know something is not right – that’s inauthentic.

Reputable ghostwriters work closely with their clients, pinpointing the voice, and unifying it across all writings.

This is an authentic way of doing things.

The leader’s ideas are being transcribed, and the ghostwriter’s task is to communicate those ideas coherently and concisely.

Many CEOs lead awesome companies, such as Steve Jobs at Apple – but did Steve actually create every line of code or manufacturer the pieces for every iPhone or iMac?

Nope, he left that to the professionals within those sectors.

This same principle should be used for anyone who lacks the skills of a professional writer.


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