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Tips to Help You Write Content Faster

If you speak to most writers, especially beginners, they will say writing content can be challenging.

There’s more to cultivating well-written content than putting together a couple of sentences.

It’s also more than recognizing the correct usage of there, their, your and you’re. You should know there’s a strict methodology to write content better and faster.

Copy is Important

You must first consider if the copy is going to persuasive or argumentative.

It must be meaningful and engaging, right?


Certainly, the copy should be accurate and thought-provoking.

Easy to Read Content

But no matter what you decide to talk about, it must be easy to read and able to keep short attention spans interested.

Still, statistics prove most people only scan the material, drawing upon the highlights.

With this in mind, readability should be any writer’s objective.

Make Transitions from Each Sentence & Paragraph Smooth

Arrange content in an order which is logical, starting with the most significant facts first.

This will help you to write faster and essentially, you’ll have a complete and straightforward copy.

Learn How to Write Kick-Ass Headlines

Headlines are critical to capturing a reader’s attention (or losing it).

Headlines are the reader’s first impression of your content.

It, too, should flow well.

Use a tool (e.g., HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator) if you can’t come up with ideas on your own.

Talk to Your Readers as If You Were Having a Conversation with Them

Ask questions to stimulate the thought process.

Use words your audience is familiar with.

However, this doesn’t mean fill your page with a lot of slang and turn others, who would otherwise read it, away.

Avoid being tactless and vulgar.

As a writer, you must realize everything you make public matters.

If You Are Copywriting, You’re Only as Good as the Content You Copy

Only imitate the best writers and written material.

Develop a reading habit that soaks up the best writers in the field you are wanting to write about.

Learn their language and turn of phrase in order to build your own vocabulary in a way that is natural and anticipated by the audience you’re writing for.

Write Short Paragraphs & Sentences

The days of learning in grade school that a paragraph consists of a minimum of three complete sentences is moot in the online world.

Nowadays, especially on websites, shorter sentences rule the world to keep people reading.

This will improve readability scores.

Long sentences make it harder for people to follow.

Shorten run-on sentences and endless paragraphs.


Don’t be afraid to back your claims with statements from authorities. In fact, you should. It shows credibility.

In addition, you should write with your personality in mind and your readers. Your readers will come to understand you and view you as a person.

This will certainly help when using social media as a means to communicate with your audience.

We as a people like to know there’s an actual person behind the scenes who think as they do.

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