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Ways User-Generated Content Can Boost Your SEO

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Consumers make the best marketers.


In fact, according to BrightLocal, 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews written by other consumers as much as they trust suggestions from their personal network.

User Generated Content

  • But why does marketing that leverages user-generated content (UGC) work?
  • Why do consumers have a higher affinity to follow the advice of other customers?

At its core, UGC is effective as it elicits a psychological response called social proof, which makes people assume that others’ actions reflect correct behavior for a situation.

For example, if we see someone slip on a puddle and fall, we’ll likely avoid walking in that area.

We’re also influenced by others’ advice. Even if we didn’t see someone slip and fall, if a friend warns us that a specific walkway is slippery, we are likely to believe them and take their advice.


If we do not have knowledge about a particular subject, we’re more open to accepting the opinions of our peers.

From a customer point of view, social proof helps to increase conversion rates by building trust.

A brand could tell you their products are great, but the sentiment would be much more believable coming from someone outside of the organization.

In other words, shoppers on your site know that you’ll say your products are awesome, but what’s going to get them to convert is knowing that real people are buying and using your products.

UGC Provides Search Engines with New & Relevant Content

Brand content marketing has increasingly created a lot of noise and consumers have become wise to the practice, making it less effective.

Additionally, ideating and creating targeted new content for SEO consumes a lot of resources and might not yield intended results.

There is a high need for authentic content that resonates equally with your shoppers and search engines.


Collecting UGC is a lean way to address this need with unique and authentic content.

Because this content is generated by customers, brands don’t have to use much of their own resources to build this out.


The practice of deploying UGC demonstrates that brands aren’t just talking at customers, but that customers have a way to dialogue with the brand.


UGC Naturally Helps Your Site Rank for Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are specific search phrases with low search competition that are much easier to rank highly for.

These keywords consist of phrases that users search for but brands may not think to include in their consumer marketing.

Beauty Example

For instance, a beauty retailer may have optimized one of its products for “Skin Cleanser,” but if they’re facing a large amount of competition for this keyword, it makes it difficult to rank high.

Conversely, “skin cleanser for darker skin tone,” may have much less competition and be searched by users with a specific intent to find and buy this product.

Comments from Users

Your users, by posting what they love about your product, can give insight into how your audience talks about their pain points and what they search for.

And knowing which long-tail keywords resonate with shoppers makes a huge difference as it enables brands to unify customer opinion as keywords for on-site SEO.

UGC Is Ideal for Automatic & Manual Optimization

Automated search engine algorithms use spiders that look for customer product reviews and testimonials to evaluate a website.

Additionally, companies like Google hire search quality raters to manually evaluate a site’s reputation to rate for key tenets like mastery of the topic, authority of the author, and truthfulness in content, which can easily be obtained from your customers’ content.

SEO Metrics

Content submitted by your customers gives marketers a legitimate shot to earn SEO points from both from quality rating systems.

This tactic should be a vital part of any SEO checklist, as reviews and ratings can make it easier to provide exceptional results to search engine queries.


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