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The tiny house movement is taking over most of the country. Although every state, city and community have varying restrictions for tiny homes, there are more and more tiny houses for sale in Arkansas then ever before.

Benefits of Tiny House Living in Arkansas

The benefits of tiny house living are many. Drawn by a lifestyle that advocates simplicity, many people do not realize the many benefits small homes offer:

  • Tiny houses are affordable. From the initial sales price of $20,000-$100,000, tiny houses are much less expensive to build and maintain than their traditional counterparts.
  • Tiny houses are more flexible: able to move at a moment’s notice, tiny houses offer a kind of flexibility that standard homes cannot.
  • Tiny houses are easier to clean: who wouldn’t love to clean their entire house in less than an hour?
  • Tiny houses are environmentally friendly: using less power, and often utilizing solar and wind energy, tiny houses are better for the environment.

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Two of the toughest areas in the state to settle in a tiny home remain Lawrence County and the community of Walnut Ridge.

Both restrict tiny homes unless they are at least 600 square feet. Individual communities within these districts may have even more stringent rules regarding small homes.

In most cases, inspections must be done to ensure that the house being placed in the county has been constructed to meet all standard building codes.

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    Designing Your Tiny Home Model in Arkansas

    Once you overcome the placement hurdle in Arkansas, your next concern may be style. One of the biggest worries those adopting a tiny house lifestyle is that they will be forced to give up the luxuries they have become accustomed to in a traditional home.

    Trendy Styles

    Remember, just because a house is small does not mean that it is not trendy, stylish and full of high end amenities.

    Upgrades are the norm for high end builders, a leading tiny house builder.

    Specializing in custom dwellings that are built to match every homeowner’s individual tastes and housing needs, these mini-dwellings feature the best in flooring, countertops and other amenities.

    Rules and Regulations for Tiny Houses in Arkansas

    When it comes to setting up a tiny house, it is important to meet with the county zoning officer to see what regulations are in place.

    Every community has their own set of rules, with some being very stringent while others offering more freedom when it comes to placing your home.

    Consider asking local zoning offices about installing tiny homes in cities across Arkansas such as:

    • Little Rock
    • Fort Smith
    • Bentonville
    • Jonesboro
    • Fayetteville
    • Hot Springs

    Aiming to bring the joys of tiny house living to people who might not otherwise consider this unique way of living, we strive to bring upper class living to the tiny house market.