Backlink Analysis Tools

Here are the best and top SEO backlink analysis tools available. The best ones do have a fee, but there are a couple you can use without paying.

Most of these tools I have used for many years so I can highly recommend them. I will include the prices and whether or not a trial is available.


  • Paid Cost: $99 – $999 per month
  • Trial Available? 7 days for $7
  • Website Link:

This has been my favorite link analysis tool for a long time. It’s fast and they are always improving its functions or adding new tools.

A lot of professional SEOs recommend Ahrefs for backlink analysis and a necessary all-around SEO tool.

Ahrefs Example


  • Paid Cost: $129.99+ per month
  • Trial Available? Free 7-Day Trial with Sign-up (validate your CC or Paypal account)
  • Website Link:

I discovered cognitiveSEO back around 2013 and it was so different at the time from other backlink checkers.

It has grown a lot to include features like Unnatural Link Detection which can help you assess risky or spammy links.

cognitiveSEO Visual Link Explorer Example


  • Paid Cost: $49.99 – $399.99 per month [Limited use free accounts are available]
  • Trial Available? No
  • Website Link:

Formerly known as MajesticSEO, Majestic’s focus has always been on backlinks and they are by far one of the best.

They have great, hard to manipulate SEO metrics called Citation Flow and Trust Flow.

While Google rankings and link prospects can’t be fully analyzed based on 3rd party metrics, CF and TF are probably the best in the industry to use.

Majestic Links Example


This tool is insanely expensive with the cheapest package at $399 per month.

However, it has a great feature called Link Detox, which gives very detailed analysis of backlink profiles and will label the links based on how toxic they are, which helps a lot if you are creating a lot of disavow files.

LinkDetox Example

Monitor Backlinks

It has a very nice dashboard and it’s a comprehensive SEO backlink tool that gives you info on newly acquired backlinks, keyword rankings, and site speed.

It also can send you alerts when one of your competitors gets a new backlink.

Moz Pro

  • Paid Cost: $99 – $599 per month (Link Explorer is part of the Moz Pro package)
  • Trial Available? Free 30 day trial by creating an account (must enter credit card info)
  • Website Link:

Moz Link Explorer has a pretty straightforward display, including linking domains, anchor text, and linking domains by DA. Very simple to use.


  • Paid Cost: 100 Euros per month (appx. $112 U.S. per month)
  • Trial Available? Free 14 day trial, must create an account (needs phone text message PIN verification)
  • Website Link:

Discover defective links. Find new link sources. Analysis with Link Rating. 250 billion links in their index.


  • Paid Cost: £ 249 – £ 999 per month (appx. $326 – $1,309 per month U.S.)
  • Trial Available? No
  • Website Link:

Kerboo includes backlink analysis, link prospecting, on-site SEO audits, and rank tracking.

Kerboo is used and trusted by search professionals to make the time intensive task of doing a link audit on your backlink profile as painless as possible.


Linkody’s backlink monitoring tool enables its loyal customers to find, track, and analyze valuable backlinks 24/7.

URL Profiler

  • Cost: $29.95 – $99.95 per month
  • Trial Available? Yes (14 day free trial download)
  • Website Link:

URL Profiler doesn’t just do one task; it can be configured to retrieve a large array of link, content and social data for almost any task.

URL Profiler is software that you download instead of using through their website.

Where the Hell Are the Free Backlink Tools?

Here’s a couple great free backlink tools!

OpenLinkProfiler is a free link research tool that enables you to check the backlinks of any website. Enter a domain name in the search box above and click the ‘Get backlinks data’ button to get an immediate link analysis.

OpenLinkProfiler is a very cool free backlink tool. You can see a lot of data for free.

But why is there a 7 day free trial for a free tool? OpenLinkProfiler is part of an awesome overall SEO tool here: You can create a free account there, too.

Backlink Watch

This is a tool I discovered a long time ago.

It will not pull all link data, but it is a good free tool to get a decent overview of your backlinks if you don’t want to spend any money and don’t want to sign up for an account and don’t want to enter credit card info.

You can gather basic info such as the URL where your link is and the anchor text used. Just beware, there are ads everywhere on the website.

Stay Tuned for Updates

Bookmark this page to look for updates about more link tools. If you are on this list and want an update (like pricing, trials, etc.), or you want to be added to this list, contact me here.

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