Keyword Research

Here are some awesome tools for doing keyword research. Some are free, some are paid. Visit each website to see which tool fits best for your SEO needs.


The auto suggest results provided by Google & Bing are a goldmine of insight for today’s marketeers. As you type you are presented with an aggregated view of the questions & therefore a hint of the motivations & emotions of the people behind each search query. It’s perhaps one of the best but most underutilised sources of research for content ideas. Until now.


SERPWoo tracks, monitors, analyzes and saves your keywords’ SERP archives for you. automatically finds keyword opportunities based on your site’s current authority. It’s not keyword research, it’s keyword intelligence. This tool can generate a massive keyword list for free.

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

An easy-to-use keyword research tool that provides all the keywords you need to build your most profitable SEO or PPC campaign


Wondersearch is a free keyword tool that collects terms semantically related to a root keyword.

SE Ranking

Find great keyword ideas for your SEO campaigns.

Topics by SEO Monitor

Search & Ranking data in one SEO research tool. All non-branded relevant keywords carefully curated. Flawless accuracy. Unrestricted. Free.


Find long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty.


The growth hacking tool for SEO and marketing.

Keyword Keg

Get the Unfair Advantage by using the Right Keyword Tools. You can get a few keyword results, then have to pay for an account ($40+ / month.)

Moz Keyword Explorer

The keyword research tool with over 500 million traffic-driving keywords.

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Keywords Explorer runs on the world’s largest third-party database of search queries.


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