Malort Face Gifs (Chicago)

Jeppson’s Malort is a total Chicago thing. I love it. Many people hate it. If you are a Chicago resident or are visiting Chicago, IL, you need to try a shot of Malort.

However, if you know nothing about Malort, check out these awesome gifs of people doing Malort shots.

malort face gif

malort shot gif

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funny malort jeppsons gif

malort yuck

malort face funny

Check back. More Malort face gifs coming!

2 thoughts on “Malort Face Gifs (Chicago)”

  1. LOL that is one of the nastiest alcohol I have ever tried. I want to throw up just thinking about that stuff.

  2. Malort is NASTY! I tried it a long time ago, just one shot, and I looked like everyone in these memes.

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