5xx Server Error

It is an awful feeling when you go to check your website and see a 5xx server error show up on your screen instead of your awesome homepage and content. Your heart might feel like it has sunk into your stomach and you panic wondering what it means. I’ve learned that this 5xx error is …

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Funny Google Searches

When you start typing into Google’s search bar, you will see predictions for your search. AKA: autocomplete. Those are predictions that Google makes for you to make your search process faster so you won’t have to type out the whole search query if you see one you like. You can just click the prediction. They …

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Matt Cutts Puzzle

Do you remember Matt Cutts as the face of Google search? He’s had a Ted Talks and blog. But can you do the Matt Cutts puzzle? He was basically the face of Google search for years, so this is a fun game dedicated to him.

/* */ Program Comments

Symbol Description Comments using /* */ are lines in your program that are used to tell you or other people about how your program works. Like Cliffsnotes if you remember those from the 90s. /* */ comments are actually ignored by the compiler. And they are not exported to the processor. That means they don’t take …

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