SEO Wordle

Try to solve these Wordle puzzles using a few SEO related terms that (hopefully) you should know. But, which words are they?

The game below uses the usual Wordle rules. When you complete one, then wait and then click the “Next” button to try the next word.

There are 4 words to try to solve. Use the given keyboard under the game to type your answers.

Can you do it? Here is the SEO Wordle game:

SEO Wordle Rules

Do you need help with the rules of how this SEO Wordle game works?

In this Wordle, a green square is a correct letter in the correct position, pink squares represent correct letters, but in the wrong position, and gray squares indicate letters that are not in the word at all.

The player (you) must use these clues to deduce the hidden word within the given attempts.

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