How to Check and View an SSL Certificate in Google Chrome

The quick way to check is:

  1. Click the lock in your browser’s address bar.
  2. Click “Certificate”.
  3. A small window will pop up to see the SSL certificate.

Here Is the Process with Images

Find the lock in the address bar next to the website’s URL and click it.

google chrome lock button

Then click the Certificate option in the drop-down menu.

check if ssl connection is valid

Then a small window will pop up with the basic information about the SSL certificate in Chrome.

ssl certificate

And if you want to see more details and info about the SSL, click the arrow next to “Details” and scroll down the window.

ssl details

Don’t Have the Lock in Your Chrome Browser Address Bar?

Maybe your version of Chrome or your settings don’t show the lock.

So here is another way to check the SSL certificate in Chrome. It’s a few more steps than the fast way, but you can to it with just a couple clicks.

Use your mouse and right-click on the page (click with the button on the right side of your mouse).

Then click Inspect (or Inspect Element).

chrome inspect element

Not using a mouse? Here are a few different ways you can right-click without a mouse.

And then on the right side or bottom of your screen, depending on your Chrome settings, you should see a bunch of options like this:

chrome inspect security

At the top of the inspect window, click the Security option. Then you can click the button to view the SSL certificate.

If You Don’t See Security

NOTE: If you do not see the Security option like in the screenshot above, click the » double arrow button. If that happens and you don’t see Security, it’s because your inspect window is too short.

So clicking the double arrow should give you a drop-down menu to choose Security like this:

chrome browser inspect security

This Process Could Be a Bit Different for You

These are the basic ways for how to view an SSL certificate in Google Chrome. It’s very possible that your version of Chrome is different so your version might not look exactly like the screenshots do in this post.

For example, when inspecting the page, maybe Security isn’t in the top navigation at all in the inspection window.

So in a case like that, try clicking around in the ⋮ (vertical ellipsis) option.

That will show a drop-down menu with options to click.

click chrome inspect ellipsis

Check in More tools to see if there is an option to click Security or maybe Developers or similar language.

Now You Know How to View and See an SSL Certificate in Chrome

Hopefully this information was helpful. Let us know in the comments if it worked for you or you are still trying to find out how to check an SSL certificate using Chrome.

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