Importance Of Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

Making your website mobile-friendly once seemed like a waste of resources.

Why would anyone browse the Internet on a tiny screen when they could use their laptop instead?

But as smartphones have skyrocketed in popularity, an increasing number of people are using their phones to browse the web.

In fact, studies have shown that about 56% of website pageviews come from mobile devices.

Mobile optimization has become an industry of its own, with countless companies offering their services to make your website mobile-friendly.

In other words, mobile marketing has gone from an overlooked component to an important part of any business’s digital marketing strategy.

And yet, despite the booming popularity of smartphones, many businesses have yet to optimize their website for mobile use.

Some businesses still see it as a waste of time, especially in niche markets.

mobile friendly website

They ask themselves questions like “Would anyone visit the websites of loan companies?” But no matter what industry you work in, there’s always someone who’s looking for your services.

And if you have an optimized mobile website, you’ve just made it that much easier for them to find you.

Are you thinking about making the jump to mobile? Here’s just a few of the reasons that you should make your website mobile-friendly.

1. Optimized Websites are Easy to Use

If your company’s website isn’t optimized for mobile, most smartphone browsers display the desktop version.

For some websites, it doesn’t make a huge difference. But if your website has lots of text, large images, or small links, it might be virtually inaccessible on mobile.

Even well-designed websites can be nearly impossible to navigate on the relatively tiny screen.

And since 80% of Internet users own a smartphone, a clumsy website means that you might be missing out on a lot of potential customers.

When you optimize your site for mobile use, you’re specifically making adjustments that are tailored toward mobile users.

Desktop users can view your website like usual, but people who view your site on their smartphone will find that it’s much easier to access.

Your website will be designed and organized to fit perfectly on the small screen. Once inaccessible websites can now be used with ease.

2. Optimized Websites Mean Increased Sales

In today’s modern age, a growing number of people shop for products and services through their mobile phones.

If your website is hard to access on mobile, you’ve essentially created a barrier between the customer and your product.

But if your website is simple and easy to use, you’ve made it that much easier for your customers to make a purchase.

With so many customers shopping on mobile, you’re likely to see an increase in sales.

They’ll also remember how fast and easy it was to shop on your website, meaning that they’ll be more likely to recommend your site in the future.

3. Optimized Websites Offer Different Content

As The Huffington Post points out, mobile users tend to think differently from desktop users.

If they’re browsing the Internet on a smartphone, they don’t want large paragraphs or mazes of links.

They want short, direct bites of information that are easy to read on their device.

Optimizing your website caters to this audience by making your content more concise and digestible.

They don’t need all the details right now–if they’re serious about doing research into your company, they’ll probably look it up on a desktop computer.

Mobile devices are meant for quick bursts of information, not large chunks of text.

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